About Holistic Californian

Founded in 2020 during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Holistic Californian was created from a desire to give back the knowledge that was stolen from the collective in 1910 when John D. Rockefeller submitted a report to the United States Congress declaring natural healing modalities are “quackery.” He then teamed up with Andrew Carnegie and paid medical schools to have herbal medicine and other healing modalities removed from medical school curriculum and thus, Big Pharma was born.

By “removing” the competition, they have robbed society of precious knowledge resulting in generations of people who do not know who to feed or heal themselves. Instead, most people are dependent on the industrialized food supply and Big Pharma to keep them nourished and healthy. We now have a society of undernourished, unhealthy people who have no idea how to feed or heal themselves. It is time to change that.

In line with the prevailing social justice issues and the rise of the Divine Feminine, it is time for the return to the power of plants, natural healing, and sustainable living. Holistic Californian focuses on herbal medicine, alternative therapies, and living a holistic lifestyle including those issues that impact the everyday lives of Californians.

Our vision is simple – We want to bring you the most current information to live a healthy, balanced life in harmony with planet and each other all with the power of plants.